Daily Bits of Guidance for August 2nd, 2016

Today’s guidance: Today’s focus: Be Grateful Dream Big New Beginning Today’s support: How to … be grateful Slow down! Look around  and ask yourself: What am I  grateful for in my life? Do you have a home, a car, a family, friends, work, or just food on your table? If so, you are very lucky! Many people don’t have even half […]

Daily Bits of Guidance for April 9th, 2016

Today’s guidance If you like numerology then you know  today is a very special day. It is 22 Master Day! What does it mean? It means that universal energy is helping us with new beginnings. This is very much aligned with yesterday’s bits of guidance as well. Today is a perfect day to start a new routine! It can […]

Daily Bits of Guidance for April 7th, 2016

Today’s guidance What new projects do you want to start? Today is a perfect day for this! As a reminder, Law of Attraction and Quantum Physics states “What you focus on expands“. So be very conscious about what feelings and emotions are you focusing especially today. Stay positive! Dreams are good only if you also act on them. […]