Daily Bits of Guidance for August 2nd, 2016

Today’s guidance:

Today is a very special day - New moon! New beginnings! New chance in life! Click To Tweet

Today’s focus:

  • Be Grateful
  • Dream Big
  • New Beginning

Today’s support:

How to … be grateful

  • Slow down! Look around  and ask yourself: What am I  grateful for in my life?
  • Do you have a home, a car, a family, friends, work, or just food on your table? If so, you are very lucky! Many people don’t have even half of what you have.
  • Express gratitude to attract even more things to be grateful forAvoid complaining, since this will attract more reasons to complain.

How to … dream big

  • Slow down again! Connect to your true self by closing your eyes. Put your hand on your heart area and inhale and exhale deeply 3 times.
  • Ask yourself the question: “How I would like my ideal life to be?” You will see, feel, hear or just know the answer! Trust it!
  • Write in a journal, notebook or a piece of paper the description of your perfect and ideal life. Believe in your dreams! Dream BIG!

How to … create new beginnings

  • New Moon represents the beginning of a new cycle for the planet: plants, animals, and … human beings!
  • Use its energy to manifest new beginnings in your life. It can be a new habit, a new relationship, or a new start!
  • Take this chance to take new steps toward your dreams!

Today’s Question:

Please comment below the answer to the question:

What would be the ONE new thing you would start doing today which will bring you even closer to see your dreams come true?



You never know who’s live you can change with a simple push of a button!



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