Daily Bits of Guidance for April 21st, 2016

Today’s guidance:

Today is a perfect day to dream big, plan long-term goals and listen to your intuition!

Today’s focus:

  1. Big Vision
  2. Imagination
  3. Intuition

Today’s support:

How to … have a long-term vision

  • Are your goals written down? If yes, great! If no, do so!
  • Split your goals in short-term (3–6 months), middle-term (3–5 years), long-term (10 years and more)!
  • Split your goals in categories such as: family, love, career, business, health, etc.

How to … use your imagination

  • While establishing your goals use your whole brain πŸ™‚ This sounds strange, but it is true!
  • Very often we are using our left brain to set our goals. This means we are very logical and also critical. We identify many risks and obstacles. Stop playing small!
  • Start using your right brains as well! Dream big! Put a hand on your heart area and ask yourself the questions β€œWhat do a really wish to have in my life? Who I really wish to be?”

How to … listen to your intuition

  • Slow down… Relax… Breath deeply (3 times)…
  • Ask a question and wait for the answer. It can be in the form of a thought, vision, feeling, or sound. Trust the message! Write it down!
  • Take inspired action based on the guidance you received from your intuition and your higher self.

Today’s Question:

Please comment below: Are you playing small? Are your goals too realistic? Is it time to listen to your heart more?




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