Daily Bits of Guidance for April 11th, 2016

Today’s guidance

Today is a good day to plan what you will do this week. Remember your vision and think about some concrete actions you can perform to see your dreams come true.

Each day should bring you closer to your desire future. Stay focused and do some progress each day, starting today!

All this planning and thinking can be overwhelming. To stay relaxed and playful integrate some music into your day.

Today’s focus

  1. Music
  2. Progress
  3. Focus

Today’s support

How to … allow more music in your life

  • Music has healing properties. It lifts your spirit above concerns.
  • Play soft music in the background while you walk, drive, or eat.
  • Like singing? Great! Sing to yourself or others. Sing while dancing. Enjoy this playful time!

 How to … progress

  • Anything is better than nothing! Any progress is still a progress!
  • What is one thing you can accomplish today which will bring you closer to your dreams?
  • Act on it today!

How to … stay focused

  • Make a list of tasks you need to do. Prioritize them to see which are more important or urgent.
  • Select just one single task from the top and finish it as soon as possible. Done? Select the next one from the top. Repeat!
  • To stay focused work on just one activity at a time. Allow yourself to have a small breaks at least each 2 hours.
  • Avoid disruptions (e.g. emails, social media, phone calls)
  • Listen to calm music in the background or meditate




You never know who’s live you can change with a simple push of a button!



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