For many year Victoria is passionately promoting solutions for thriving business, successful career and fulfilling life through her speaking engagement at various international events.


  • Speaker at Happy Projects’16 (Vienna, Austria), workshop title Requirements Management & Projects
  • Speaker and host of Balkan Business Analysis Conference (BBA2016) (Bucharest, Romania), conference topic Business Analysis Perspectives
  • Speaker of PMI Business Analysis Virtual Conference 2016, presentation title Secrets for Successful and Effective Communication with Stakeholders


  • Keynote Speaker at Balkan Business Analysis Conference (BBA2015) (Belgrade, Serbia), presentation title A New Beginning for Business Analysis Profession
  • Speaker at Happy Projects’15 (Vienna, Austria), workshop title Building a Business Analysis Community of Practice


  • Speaker at Happy Projects’14 (Vienna, Austria), workshop title Business Analysis in Context


  • Speaker at The 12th International Conference on Informatics in Economy (IE 2013) (Bucharest, Romania), presentation title  “How IT project can contribute to business sustainability?”


  • Speaker at PMI Research and Education Conference 2012 (Limerick, Ireland) , Roland Gareis Symposium – Project Initiation Process and Sustainable Development in Different Contexts, presentation title  Project Initiation & Sustainability in Business Development
  • Speaker at Conference on Social Responsibility, Ethics, and Sustainable Business (Bucharest, Romania), presentation title  Project Initiation Process and Sustainable Development
  • Speaker at Happy Projects’12 (Bucharest, Romania), presentation title  Ensuring sustainability of protected areas in Romania: Web GIS Application


  • Speaker at Happy Projects’11 (Bucharest, Romania), presentation title Business Analysis and Project Changes
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