Over many years of practice Victoria invested time and effort in formal education. Over time she received international recognition in all of domains of her interest.


  • Business Coaching
  • Career Coaching
  • Relationship Coaching


  • Personal Development Programs
  • Business Programs


  • Business Analysis
  • Business Process Management
  • Project Management
  • Agile/SCRUM

Credentials for each of the mentioned domains are listed below.

Training Certifications

Certifications in Personal Development Field: Trainer of Personal Development Programs, certified by Meta International   Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, certified by Meta International and ANLP Certification in Business Field: Business Trainer, certified by Meta International  

Business Analysis Certifications

Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP), certified by International Institute of Business Analysis™ (IIBA®) PMI Professional in Business Analysis (PMI-PBA), certified by Project Management Institute (PMI) Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering (CPRE), certified by International Requirements Engineering Board (IREB) OMG-Certified UML Professional, certified by Object Management Group® (OMG®) OMG-Certified System Modeling Professional, certified by Object Management Group® (OMG®)

Project Management Certifications

Project Management Professional (PMP), certified by Project Management Institute (PMI) Scrum Master Certified (SMC), certified by SCRUMstudy

Business Process Management Certification

OMG-Certified Expert in BPM, certified by Object Management Group® (OMG®)

Agile Certifications

Scrum Product Owner Certified (SPOC), certified by SCRUMstudy Scrum Master Certified (SMC), certified by SCRUMstudy Scrum Developer Certified (SDC), certified by SCRUMstudy SCRUMstudy Certified Trainer (SCT), certified by SCRUMstudy

Coaching Certifications

Relevant certifications for coaching practice: NLP – Master IANLP, certified by IANLP   Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, certified by Meta International and ANLP Law of Attraction Certified Coach, certified by QSCA